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whats wrong with my playstation 3?


I was playing my ps3 last night and it was fine. there was absolutly nothing wrong with it. earlier today i was in the middle of a game of nhl 10 and out of nowhere my ps3 shut off. afterwards i would try to turn it on, and it would start for a few seconds then just shut off. i noticed that the red light thats on when its in standby mode was blinking. what is wrong with my ps3 and if it is broken how can i/ what is the value for trading it in/ getting it fixed.

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  1. This Just Happned to me 4 days ago. Sorry to tell you, but you have the YellowLightOfDeath

    (RedLightOfDeath) It can be fixed, dont send it in to Sony, its 150 dollars and takes a while to get back. Go Onto Craigs List and search Ps3 Repairs Under ur city, the cost to get it fixed on craigs list is ussualy 50 to 80 dollars.

    Ur Ps3 Probably Over Heated. Hope This Helped

  2. It is indeed the ylod. I fix these on craigslist in az for $60 and it takes a few hours. When I first started, I broke three of my own learning, so its not as easy as the videos on utube portray. If I make enough fixing these, I’m going to buy equipment to reball the chips(the real fix to the real problem). What happens is the non metalic thermal compound sux and causes the non lead solder to overheat and seperate(bad ventilation, dust, and carpet add to this problem). So reflow is the cheapest fix. unfortunately it only continues to work for 12-24months in general. When I buy ylod ps3s I usually will pay no more than $70 for untampered ones but I’ve seen them sell for more. I will fix it if you want to pay $60+shipping one way(about$20) or will buy it if you give up.whichevr. send it to sony for $150 and they send a “refirb” with 3 month warranty. This refirb breaks in 4 months sadly. good luck [email is not allowed]

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