Home Playstation Forum I have a PS3 problem please help can you help me?

I have a PS3 problem please help can you help me?


When I try to sign on to my ps3 this is what it says: A connection to the network could not be established.

What do I do?!!

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  1. go under network and make sure you are connected if there is a icon for it if you not connected try test line for connection

  2. IDK, I’m trying myself to get online with the PS2.

    But if its a network problem, check the wires, and the configuration settings, if it worked before it just might be the wires.

    Check the Eithernet Cord.

  3. Are you connected to the internet? Your ethernet cable should be plugged into your modem.

    If that doesn’t solve it, call customer service.

  4. either it means it not plugged in all the way or too much ppl too like gta4 other wise customer support best answer

  5. If you use an Internet cable, then make sure it is securely in place. If you use wireless, then make sure your Router has enough range to reach the PS3. Sometimes the weather affects online play, and sometimes the servers are just jammed with people. I would suggest Customer Support if this problem continues. Good Luck 🙂

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