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There are so many games available today that it can sometimes be hard to tell which ones are worth playing and which ones that are totally rubbish. There are many different ways that you can play games now, such as on a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360. However, there’s no need to pay for a lot of money anymore since there are literally thousands of brilliant flash games that are on the internet. One of the reasons why people don’t bother playing online flash games is because it can be hard to find the good ones, but we’re going to mention some of the best flash games so you know what games to play next time you’re bored at school, work or whatever!

  • Line Rider: The name of the game will give you a big clue as to what this game is about, have a guess. Yes, it’s a game where you have to ride a line and try to create a design that will allow your character to finish the whole course that you’ve just designed. It’s kind of hard to explain why the game is so good, but you really should play it for yourself.
  • Super Mario World: Do I even need to give this flash game an introduction? I don’t think so, Mario games are just incredibly fun and great time wasters. I’ve all spent hours and hours playing Super Mario games, so why not play it online? There’s no need to spent money on Nintendo Ds games or whatever anymore, since you can play your favourite Mario games straight from your computer!
  • The Helicopter Game: This game is so basic, yet it’s incredibly addictive. Your task is to get the highest score, which you’ll get from surviving through the course which is full of green blocks (that’ll kill you if you collide into them). You click the mouse to go higher and don’t do anything to let the helicopter drop a little. This game is a good game if you want to have a little competition with your friends to see who’s the best at gaming.
  • Happy Wheels: If you love games that are full of blood, vehicles and challenges – then happy wheels is a game that you should take a look at. I’ve spent many hours trying to figure out how to pass the obstacle courses in this game which can be frustrating at times but once you’ve got it you’ll feel quite happy! Maybe that’s why it’s called happy wheels?

I’ve been playing online games ever since I was a kid, and recently I’ve found the [url not allowed]. After I found this relatively unknown game I decided to write about some of the best online games.

Submitted On June 01, 2012Online GamingFind out some of the best online flash games that are out there at the moment. You mightn’t think that flash games can be very good compared to console games, but you might be proved wrong!flash games,best games,line rider,happy wheels,helicopter game,super mario

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