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Classic Game Room HD – CALL OF DUTY 2 review Xbox 360


Classic Game Room HD - CALL OF DUTY 2 review Xbox 360


  1. Anyone else saw price hikes for backwards compatible games for the xbox one? I'm not paying £15 for a pre-owned Call Of Duty 2 game.

  2. "I wish they'd put this gameplay in a science fiction epic"… well it wasn't an epic…. but Mark did call the future or was he recollecting the past?

  3. I play this classic game on xbox 360.. but there is never anyone on the mulitplayer game.. sucks cuz this game was what started all the COD addiction. Still playin :)

  4. lol this game was/is so fuggin overrated..the ONLY decent call of duty game was the 1st modern warefare. all the rest are just the same old shit OVER AND OVER AGAIN…

  5. Anyone wanna play multiplayer on Xbox 360? I'm up for playing the stuff and barely anyone is on it aha. Comment your gamertags and il add. Thanks :)

  6. lol what i loved most about the older call of duty's is the sound effects enemies made after they died

  7. I loved this game, especially the online multiplayer and the fact that the sniper was a one shot kill no matter where you shot them on their body.

  8. I have this on Xbox 360, "Call Of Duty: War collection" it has call of duty 2,3 and WAW, but there's no big red one.

  9. There was just something so rewarding about running in and unloading a full mag of a Thompson or MP40 into a squad of Germans. You don't find that anymore. Now it's all about how many times you can spin around to land a gunshot that would NEVER hit anything in a million years!

  10. Did this come out on the PlayStation 3? I want to know as I don't usually like the Call Of Duty series, however this looks like an excellent World War 2 game

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