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Dance Central Spotlight! “All Characters” *HOW TO UNLOCK*


In Order To Unlock The Characters (Which Are Basically The Default Character With A Suit) You Must Get 600 Moves Collected And The Acheivement “Über Düper”.
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Difficulty: N/A
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Dance Central Spotlight!


  1. Ok I don't like how Emilia and Bodie sound, I don't remember them sounding like that. Emilia's skin color got much darker. Miss Aubrey doesn't sound like her old self and some look fake and different. They obviously ruined it but I'll get used to it and like them….I hoppeeee. But they also need to bring back the other crew members. Those 6 characters are the most popular obviously. I like Emilia, Bodie, and Miss Aubrey

  2. I dobrze , że nie ma Angela i Li'l T! Popsują całą grę! Najbardziej Angel. Zmiana wszystkich w DCS : <3333 , a Glitterati? Niewolnicy dra.Tana. Teraz są czarnymi charakterrami , tak jak Angel i Li'l. UWIELBIAM DANCE CENTRAL SPOTLIGHT. #DanceCentralSpotlight  <3

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