Home Playstation Games Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires: Empire Mode (Good): Part 1

Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires: Empire Mode (Good): Part 1


Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires: Empire Mode (Good): Part 1

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Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires 1st Impressions Gameplay PS3


  1. this game was fucking awsome..until it started freezing on me for no facking reason lol hope i dont have the same problem with the next one

  2. I just have a quick question. How does the leveling up system work in DW7E? In DW6E, I made me and my best friend/girlfriend/sister/dad/whatever, I always played myself while the extra character would always tag along. The only thing was, they never leveled up after I "hired" them, because I'd never play as them.

    Will the EXP be spread out between the characters in my team, or will my extra characters be stuck at level 1 unless I constantly use them? Can I just turn the leveling system off? 

  3. I'm a fan of RTK, and DW of course. So is Empire Mode worth it? or should I just wait for DW8 Empires?

  4. i bought dynasty warriors 7 empires from the uk a hard copy and had to wait a month for delivery it was worth it

  5. at the 4:00 mark – actually im prety sure they are two different subjects. this one is cao cao. spelled as you see but the one your thinking of witht he chicken is general Tsao. atleast thats how it is whenever i see it anyways. not sure how much help or how important that is haha

  6. aw man, DW is great man welcome here. Love the Chinese history, not sure about 8 though, check google for info. Hope they make english dubs though, I am one of the few who love them lol. 

  7. Thanks man, that would be really helpful 🙂 I want to get balls deep in this game but its soo complicated :P. Iv played warriors orochi 3 which is awesome but still a bit complicated 4 me wiv the weapon system but this game is frying my brain!

  8. no i do not have a manual but I have played empires games before. Sure I will do a video for you. I will let you know when I upload it because alot of ppl do not like me uploading non madden gaming vids to my channel lol. I will prob do it on another channel. thanks for watching! 

  9. if you've managed to sus out the strategy menu could you do a tutorial 4 it, like how to gain allies, use tactics etc, that would be really helpful?…. iv got a downloaded copy myself (uk), cant find the instruction manual on the xmb….i wonder if you have the same problem?

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