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Final Fantasy 11 X360 – Unboxing


Final Fantasy 11 X360 - Unboxing


  1. O.O wtf not only do I have to pay 13 a month for this game but monthly payment for XBOX LIVE! bullshit maybe 3 years ago but with to days economy i cant do that.

  2. say i wanna buy one from my buddy which i do by the way.now he has the game….but not the account key because it was used.can anyone hit me up on what they believe i should pay for it seeing how he has 2 of them and i have to buy a new account key.

  3. I was just lookin for an FF like the older ones like 8 that i dont have to play online. Dont want another monthly subscription

  4. seriously you cant' go get another finalfantasy xi probably the one sown in the video because vanadiel collection 2008 has that error and its just unstoppoable

  5. Lol mine was on PS2 and it was Vana'Deil Collection 2008 and it was new 85 Bucks on Ebay…..i boght it thow lolz

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