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Free psn acct with some games?


Hi Im in Colombia and just got a ps3 but only have one game and some demos, is there anyone that has an acct with some games thats not using anymore? or maybe let me borrow for a few months or weeks? I would really appreciate it. thanks in advance.

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  1. yeah buddy i hear you,how about you lend me your Girlfriend/Wife/Mother there is some things in life you do not let others use,its not being mean or selfish, a PS3 account is free,but the games are not.

    You should really look around for shops because you can pickup a secondhand GAME for $10 now that is a bargain,people wont just give away their accounts,will you let me borrow your bank account?

    If you can afford INTERNET then you can afford a game,no need for someone to just give away or lend out their personal details.

  2. letting another person access your psn account is against the psn terms or use agreement and gets you banned , asking to game share ( share accounts for free games ) also gets you banned – it’s theft and fraud to do what you are asking for.

    If you can’t afford to buy games buy fewer games , buy used games or buy the cheaper psn games that are priced starting as low as $5 each , that’s not a lot of money is it?

    they even have free games on psn , look in the store on your ps3 and there are several free games available including such games as dc universe online and free realms among others , even uncharted 3 online multiplayer and killzone 3 online multiplayer are free.

    Do you have playsttaion plus where you are? if you do then just buy a one year subscription and you will get as many free games as you need , more than one per month plus the 12 in the instant game collection

    the rest of us work hard for our money and don’t buy strangers games , which is what you think we should do for you , and the smart people on psn don’t allow a person they don’t know to access a psn account with enough personal information on it to steal their identity and get into serious debt , that’s just stupid – for all anyone knows you are wealthy and steal identities every day to sell to criminals or just open bank accounts and charge as much as you can until the bank shuts the account down , the you use another id and do it again leaving the poor idiot dumb enough to share a psn account with the bills and years of getting their credit rating back to good again – getting banned is small compared to what can really happen when you game share – having your identity stolen affects you for 10-15 years or more and can follow you for ever.

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