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GTA 5 PS4 Gameplay : Super Jump Challenge! (GTA 5 Next Gen)


In this gta 5 ps4 gameplay video, I show you some more gta 5 cheats in first person view! I show you the super jump, fast run and moon gravity cheat! I actually end up hitting the ground 3 times in this video but it had some incredible moments! If you enjoy gta 5 ps4 gameplay videos, be sure to hit the subscribe button or hit the like button! Thanks for watching this grand theft auto 5 video!

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GTA 5 PS4 Gameplay : Super Jump Challenge! (GTA 5 Next Gen)

This is the fastest way in the game to rank up fast so you can unlock all the guns, and cards to dominate your opponents.

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  1. When I do the moon gravity cheat it makes everything really slow is that a glitch or is it just always slow

  2. Was he seriously not aware that the Moon Gravity cheat was not enabled the 2 last parts of the video?
    Olli, when you get in a vihecle or on a bike, you have to re-enter the cheat or else it does not work. You could have gotten a ton more air time on the bmx doing that, and you would probably not yet have hit the ground from that last part.
    I say you do it again, and do it right this time :)

  3. Do I need Xbox live to increase my rank? I've been playing the battles and survival and I'm still on rank 1. Please help me. I will appreciate it.

  4. Boba fett isn't "Badass" at all he doesn't have a good defense I say Vader or Palpatine are badasses in this game including Boosk as well

  5. I power leveled in this gamemode as Emperor Palpatine every time I played as him. I always get "Most Kills As Hero".

  6. its not that good now its about average 2k or 3k points per match just play droid run
    best right now

  7. Actually though everybody who wants to hit level 90 play walker assault I've goten up to 91 kills in a game once you can really rack up score by sitting on the uplink and killing imperials

  8. Hero hunt is good for lvling up when your a low level. But when you get past your 20s, not so much.

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