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GTA: Episodes from Liberty City Review


GTA: Episodes from Liberty City Review


  1. I still remember this was the second game I got for my PS3 back in December 2009 good memory's…

  2. How to interpret "GTA IV is better"? Before concluding that, did he made a valid point during the review about that? IGN, if you have no legit cons about the game, how about at least making it more fun and say: " – Character does not wear blue socks. – Pixel 153×852 was slightly off.". Good luck.

  3. Can anyone tell me are there alternative control schemes for this game for aim/fire other than L2/R2? I am used to using L1+O or equivalent (e.g. R1+X etc, like in the GTA3 series) and am hoping this game has other control schemes in the options menu or whatever as I don't like using both trigger controls? It's cumbersome for me.

  4. I had this purchased for a while from a psn sale for 6 euros and i just played it .Its a great dlc espesially gay tony , it was like a prologue for gta5.My advise for ps3 user remove the awful blur visual effect in lost and damned, that shit got me so dizzy , i almost gave out on this game until i figure it out, gay tony seems to play more smooth.

  5. I love gta but I tried downloading this gta on my PC (episodes of liberty city) and it wouldnt work, I kept having to create accounts, it wouldn't let me save, then it would pollute my screen with the same title screen over and over again with no option of exiting. I tried taking the cd out but the computer kept playing the music even after turning it off for a second then it bugged my computer and messed with my settings so I had to completely take out my computers battery and put it back in to get everything back to normal >:(

  6. I love how at the verdict it says GTA 4 was better as some sort of gripe. Why don't we start reviewing all products, based on the quality of a completely different one? This is not the regular story… why the hell odes GTA 4 even being taken into consideration for the verdict???

  7. I love how they didn't mention how much sex they show in this game or how many girls you bang lol Luis is such a pimp in this game bro 

  8. No,it does not contain GTA IV but there is "Grand Theft Auto IV i think it's called Trilogy i mean there is probably two one contain "III,Vice City,San Andreas" and other "IV,The Lost And Damned,The Ballad Of Gay Tony"(or IV,TLaD,TBoGT)

  9. Why are we Here?
    you don't like video games because you suck in all of them!! So if you don't like them then why you post such posts like "Video games suck"

  10. I yot this game + gta 3 + gta vice city + gta san andrayis + gta 4 for 10$ on steam they had a big sale

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