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How To Get Xbox Live Gold Free 2017


How To Get Xbox Live Gold Free 2017


  1. I'm working on the support department for Xbox, don't try this anymore, a specific team was made to trace where those codes was redeemed instead of the account that made the contact, they are banning accounts now

    Trust me on this, we have the IP address of those contacts and we'll simply need to submit the IP address of the fake account.

    Do this at your own risk, not like
    you'll be given free trials now a days as we are alerted specifically because of this video.

  2. They are onto it. They persisted that I send them a screenshot of the receipt for my Xbox and couldn't do anything without it

  3. "The promotional period for the free trial has recently passed.
    However, are you aware of the month of Gold for $1 deal?"

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