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I Am Alive – Video Review


I Am Alive - Video Review

I Am Alive Review [HD]


  1. Don't listen to this man and play it yourself, it's actually not that bad
    He only talks about negative stuff about this game

  2. 30 seconds into this review I'm like "Why didn't they put the graphics settings on high?" then I'm like "Oh, wait…"

  3. I've played for over 3 hrs. and ive gotten to a point where I completely ran out of resources and i have to go so far back that it's almost like starting the game over. just so I have more resources. if I have to keep doing that I'm just gonna uninstall this game.

  4. This review is a 'hatchet job'. I enjoyed this game, it deserves more praise than this. There are some interesting and fun mechanics in this game. Some of which were innovative for the time of it's release. In fact, I would bet that the developers of more successful titles, were heavily influenced by I am Alive.

  5. This is the lowest review score I've ever seen IGN give. I once saw them end a review with "this game is fundamentally flawed and broken on every level… 7/10"

  6. Hopefully this guy got fired, he needs to learn the difference between objectivity and subjective. Sounded like a whiny girl. Reviews should be more structured towards the audience and not how you felt the interesting/unique the combat or gameplay was "bad" because it didn't fit in what you wanted.

  7. when this game was first announced I looked forward to it. I liked the fact that I could find people and have them apart of my community. to find out they took that eliment out and changed so much. but I will still give it a go now that it's free.

  8. I normally have a lot of time for IGN but this is the worst review ever!!!! The game was nothing like what is described in this review!! This guy just seems angry at the game rather than disliking it!! Terrible review, in future I'll be dodging this reviewer!! Awful, just awful!!

  9. This games was good they had some really good ideas in this game that I think The Last Of Us 2 should most definitely adopt

  10. Man, that is one of the best, most well-commented, and intelligent reviews i've ever had the pleasure of listening to! Huge thankyou! for being intelligent, and not so extremely annoying OR boring. You sir are awesome! Keep doing reviews! I've subscribed.

  11. Im downloading this game as I watch this review, but I played the demo and this game is kind of my warm up for The Last of Us

  12. i really like the review but when i bought it and played it, i really enjoyed the tension and critical thinking. the limited ammo makes you stratagize your attacks. i would give it a four out of five. i believe this game is only for those truely challenged by games and want a bit of something that could possibly look like a Beta for THE LAST OF US.

  13. The thing about losing stamina and limited resorces i think is a brilliant idea, it mkaes you think about thge game, play tactically instead of just rushing in and dieing a million times menaing you have to restart the entire game. I think its a brilliant idea it just needs to be longer, i havent played it yet but i have watched many reviews and well i have sotr of played it. i played the demo. 

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