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Mass Effect 2 Review


Mass Effect 2 Review


  1. I don't get why people say Origin is crap…. They're giving away free copies of this game to everyone. Like, literally free

  2. Game is free for a short time probably ON ORIGIN…sign up and grab a copy now. Just wish it was properly PvP, yet if the Inet goes down it will be good to have something like this on hand to keep my interest.

  3. Downloaded all three Mass Effect games for the Xbox One, Never got around to playing through them when they came out. just completed the first one and I feel I am hooked.

  4. "Overly referential" I see it as that is; To play a SEQUEL, you have to play the first game to understand just why the events happen and just how you made them happen based on your choices of the original. I know I'm 6 years late to write this, but I saw this and after replaying the trilogy to get ready for Andromeda, I thought I'd give my input and opinion on this review

  5. Ok so i just bought it from steam and i wanted to know that if i should start playing this game or start with the first game as ive never played mass effect before.

  6. anyone here because it's free on origin?
    I know nothing about these games.
    will I be confused with this?

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