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Rpcs3 WIP DX12 – GamePlay 60 fps – Harem Tengoku


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Status DirectX 12 : Perfectly Playable
Video : Little visual glitches
Audio : Music Perfect, sound effect Perfect, Vocal Not Works
Rpcs3 DX12 Git : 16/09/15
PS3 Game : Harem Tengoku da to Omottara Yandere Jigoku Datta
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Rpcs3 WIP DX12 - GamePlay 60 fps - Harem Tengoku

Rpcs3 - Intro & Gameplay - Harem Tengoku


  1. My favorite part is when shizuka's cg didn't want to leave our protagonist, yuuya, so it replaced the sprite. Thus the true yandere is revealed in this game.

  2. hi there, do u mind share your LLE configuration ? mine can't get those text display correctly,thanks

  3. This is really amazig! :3 Big thanks for all. Now not much is left… Seems like the emulator still does have sound problems.

  4. A game like this wouldn't be the best example to show off it's capabilities, but this, this has visual bugs and a bit of audio issues here and there, but I guess everything has to be done by baby steps to ensure it all works perfectly in the end. Keep up the good work! :D

  5. That's it, it's finally working.
    We finally have a decent PS3 emulator that can play moderate 2D games at full frame rates.
    One year ago it was crawling on the ground.
    But now, it's standing up.
    In One year, this emu will be fucking praised for being able to play RDR at 1080p 60fps or more. On PC.

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