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Samurai Warriors 3 Empires – Trailer – PS3


Samurai Warriors 3 Empires - Trailer - PS3

Samurai Warriors 3 Empires - Mitsuhide Empire Mode Gameplay


  1. I think we will be dissapointed in Asia i think its already released but if it gets released in Europe or America is another question

  2. wow at 1:20 it become like nobunaga ambiton..,, damn its even cooler..i really want this game on ntsc-u region!! 

  3. i hope it will release on english.. i love sw more than dw.. so koei release this on ntsc-u region//

  4. Concordo. Sou super fã das sérias SW/DW/WO e SB.
    Já achei estranho o Warriors Orochi sem dublagem americana e agora só teremos o SW3E em Japa? Tenso, cada vez mais excluídos das séries. 

  5. po e muita sacanagem o que a KOEI que era a minha marca de jogos favoritas fez eu sou brasileiro e tenho o xbox 360 e o play 3 e queria muito jogar samurai warriors 3 empires mas quando descobri que so ia lançar no japão cara eu quase tive um ataque se esse jogo que esta no videos for seu você tem muita sorte valeu KOEI por estraga a minha vida de gaimer

  6. @xCammeister95x and what i said, i ment in no disrespectful way shape or form and wasnt trying to be rude or mean. just saying that samurai warriors has always been ps2 but one time they made it for old school xbox, if you like this look at dynasty warriors for xbox pc or wii or ps3 its very similar but has more characters and isn't in japan its china i believe but they have up too 3 i know of on xbox 360 i haven't kept up with that series check it out while were in wait for this!

  7. @xCammeister95x not being rude i see why you want it but xbox denys ps3 and pc on so much DLC and games, and this is one of ps3s things that they deny xbox lol, Microsoft is just greedy and wants everything first and figures they can buy out other companies to get stuff first to gain more players while ps3 still has the ps2 titles that are continuing to ps3 to over way what micro soft does and this is one of those games also like infamous,uncharted and others, get aps3 and play 😀 ps3 rocks man

  8. It seems all the good games being made in japan are being left out by western distributors, thank god NOE decided to port Xenoblade to europe. But as a true fan of the series and indeed the warriors franchise, I hope that Tecmo/koei's distributors in europe and the US decide to translate this for all the true fans who can't read Kanji so they can still enjoy the series.

  9. It seems like there is no way to give individual orders to your generals during battle. Is this true or am I just not finding it? I know you can give general orders on the game screen with the control pad but no individual orders. If thats the case it takes a lot of the fun outta the game for me. Please answer!

  10. It angers me that Koei does not want to release their Empires games as much like they should. They are better in my eyes with the English voice acting.

  11. 5 hours? You have zero understanding of a localization process. Saying it takes 5 hours is an insult to the teams that slave over localizing games.

  12. I have visual problems and have a very difficult time reading or following subtitles it's even worse when the text is in white.

  13. No, this game was meant for the Japanese audience only. This game will never be released in America and if you do want to play it, you better have some experience in Japanese. You don't see Japanese people complaining because there are subtitles. Much cheaper and more efficient to have subtitles than hiring English Voice actors for localization.

    Your argument is invalid. Go fuck your uncle and your grandfather your loser.

  14. 诚然,只有当它翻译成中文或英语,所以我知道他们在说什么。

  15. sorry i would rather enjoy playing the game instead of having to worry about reading everything their saying i actually like following the storyline

  16. man! this is hilarious! laying siege to Osaka castle with the Akechi Army!
    where is the end? 

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