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should i get the original xbox360 or the xbox360 elite or maybe the xbox360 limited edition halo 3.?


someone help me please

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  1. I think you should buy the “XBOX 360 EDITION HALO 3” instead of Xbox 360 ELITE. Why? The Xbox 360 Edition HALO 3 it cost $399.99,HDMI output,USB output & 20GB. I will go for that. Now Xbox 360 ELITE is cost more & I think is $440-$450? And with 120GB,HDMI output & 2 USB port.

    I will go for Xbox 360 HALO 3 edition. I personlly I have the original 360. I wish I had HDMI ouput. Good luck!

    PS If people tell’s you “Xbox 360 sucks & 30% hardware failer”. Tell them to shut the hell up & I bought my Xbox 360 since day one & I had no problems at all.

  2. Get the regular 20gb xbox 360. IT the same as the halo verson, it just premium is white and halo has a halo theme. To i would have have my self $50. at the same time only premium and elite versons come with 2 games. With the extra 50 bucks you can get an extra controller, game, accessories, save it,ect. And now most premium console will now have an HDMI port. To me the elite is to expensive. it’s the same console with a black finish. and 120gb hardrive. 20gb seems to make more sence to buy and if you need it, get the bigger hardrive later. IF u know your gonna use more then 20gb then buy elite. Any ways if i was you i would have gotten a PS3. It the same price range and with the PS3 it has a blu-ray player built in un like xbox 360, you have to buy the HD drive for another $200. And have to buy alot of accessories to have the same feturs u would have had on the PS3 bult in and the PS3 has more fetures and ports ,ect. IT also cheaper in the long run. But if you really want 360 get 20gb verson, but ur gonna misss out on the PS3’s fun. Like home, nice games, like metal gear solid , gears of war, ratchet and some much more.

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