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Wolfenstein 2009 cheats (God Mode, Weapons, Powers, Upgrades, Money…)


Wolfenstein 2009 cheats (God Mode, Weapons, Powers, Upgrades, Money...)


  1. Hey man, you can make step along step put it as the keys, try it to do but it is not possible… Thank you

  2. Alright, so a lot of people are having problems with this, but getting the cheat menu without finishing the game is really easy. I got these instructions from CheatCC
    Locate the "wolf.cfg" file in the "Users[username]AppDataLocalid SoftwareWolfSPbase" folder (in Windows Vista), and make a copy of it named "autoexec.cfg". Use a text editor to edit the "autoexec.cfg" file, and add the following lines:

    seta g_showCheatMenuMsg "1"
    seta g_gameFinished "1"
    Start a new campaign to access the cheat menu through the "Gameplay Options" screen.

    Alternately, successfully complete the game to unlock the cheat menu with "Infinite Money", "Pumpkin Heads", "Unlock All Veil Powers", and "Unlock All Weapons" options.

    Follow all these instructions, but don't rename the "wolf.cfg" file. Instead copy the file, paste it to the desktop and edit it. Add these two lines at the bottom and save it. Then, take the original "wolf.cfg" file and place it in a different folder, and place the newly edited one back in the "base" folder. That's it, just start the game.

  3. Here we go!Windows Vista – find the "wolf.cfg" file in the "Users<username>AppDataLocalid SoftwareWolfSPbase" folder and make a copy of it named "autoexec.cfg". Use a text editor to edit the "autoexec.cfg" file and add the following lines. seta g_cheatsAreOn "1" Windows XP – Right click the exe for the game and click properties, once there add +set com_allowconsole 1 to the end of the target text, then click apply and launch the game Target field should read something along these lines "C:Program FilesActivisionWolfensteinSPWolf2.exe" +set com_allowconsole . Once in gane press Right ALT + Left ALT + ~ to show the console then type the following codes for desired results

    Effect Code
    All Intel giveallintel
    Give All Veil Powers givepowers
    Gives All Power Upgrades giveallpowerupgrades
    Gives desired amount of money givegold<number>
    God Mode god
    Ignored by enemies notarget
    Sets total Money to $31,337 momoney
    Unlocks Achievements giveachievements
    Unlocks Objectives giveobjectives
    Contributed By: AsheerX.

    Spawning enemies and NPCs
    In the console, type spawn X (where X is the corresponding character type) to spawn that character. For example, to spawn an Elite Guard, type "spawn enemies_elite_guard" (without the quotation marks). Note that, unlike in Doom 3 or Quake 4, specific enemies can only be spawned into the current level if they already appear somewhere in the level. For example, in Downtown, you can spawn all basic infantry types, as well as Scribes, Sniffers, Elite Guards, Despoiled, Heavy Troopers, and Rocket Troopers, but not Flame Troopers, Assassins, or Altered.

    Effect Code
    Spawns a blonde Elite Guard armed with a dagger. spawn enemies_elite_guard
    Spawns a brunette Elite Guard armed with a whip. spawn enemies_elite_guard_02
    Spawns a Flamethrower Trooper. spawn enemies_ak_flame_trooper
    Spawns a friendly Kreisau soldier armed with an MP40 smg. Valid characters are 01 to 05. spawn allies_kreisau_soldier_01
    Spawns a green Despoiled (flaming skeleton). spawn enemies_despoiled_green
    Spawns a Heavy Trooper. spawn enemies_ak_heavy_trooper
    Spawns a red Despoiled (flaming skeleton). spawn enemies_despoiled_red
    Spawns a Rocket Trooper with a jetpack. spawn enemies_ak_rocket_trooper
    Spawns a Scribe (magic user). spawn enemies_scribe
    Spawns a Sniffer (mutant). spawn enemies_sniffer
    Spawns a Wehrmacht officer armed with an MP40 smg. spawn enemies_wehrmacht_officer
    Spawns a Wehrmacht sniper armed with a sniper rifle. spawn enemies_wehrmacht_sniper
    Spawns a Wehrmacht soldier armed with a Kar98 rifle (may cause map to crash if this enemy type is not already present in the level). spawn enemies_wehrmacht_infantry
    Spawns a Wehrmacht soldier armed with an MP40 smg. spawn enemies_wehrmacht_infantry_mp40
    Spawns an Altered (giant, invincible mutant) spawn enemies_altered
    Spawns an Assassin. spawn enemies_ak_assassin
    Spawns an SS officer armed with an MP43 assault rifle. spawn enemies_SS_officer
    Spawns an SS soldier armed with an MP43 assault rifle. spawn enemies_SS_sentry
    Spawns friendly Erik Engle armed with an MP40 smg. Has more health than a basic Kreisau soldier. spawn allies_kreisau_erik
    Contributed By: Joylock.

    Rewards unlockable
    This special rewards will give you unlock-ables for you!

    Unlockable How to Unlock
    All medallion power-ups upgraded Collect 100% all tome books in the game
    All weapons upgraded Collect 100% all intel(s) in the game
    Cheat mode Complete the game once, start a new game in any difficulty, pause the game, go to options, and press cheat (where you can enable and disable it)

  4. hey, i did the bindings in the cfg file, and bound the give ammo_particle_cannon to a key. In game i press and see "picked up particle reservoir" but the ammo count does not go up, it seems to be not working. Any help/tips?

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