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xbox one or ps4?


my parents said i can only get one console and that if i chose either i can get all the games currently for that console so which should i get?

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  1. In short:

    If you like to play a lot of RPG titles, don’t game online frequently, and don’t mind giving up some multimedia entertainment, the PS4 is your way to go.

    If you are a heavy online gamer, play a lot of FPS titles, and want more than just a gaming console, then the Xbox One is your way to go.

  2. It is hard to tell someone else what to buy unless they have a preference. I am automatically assuming money is not an issue and that you have not had a previous Xbox or PlayStation. Here are my thoughts:

    For the PlayStation 4, exclusives include Killzone Shadow Fall, an okay first person shooter, it is not highly popular. Infamous Second Sun, the third game in the Infamous series that is supposed to be very good. Other than that there is nothing but soon to come out is The Last of Us Remastered, one of the greatest games of 2013, Uncharted 4, arguably the best PlayStation series and more.

    XB1 currently seems to have more exclusives. The selling point is Titanfall, a very good FPS. Other than that XB1 has no real great exclusives but seem to have more than Sony on the horizon like more Halo, Crackdown, and Fable.

    Personally, I would go with PS4 for the much better UI and Uncharted is one of the greatest series of last generation. XB1 doesn’t have BIG things except Titanfall, but even that is passable.

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