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Xbox One Wireless Controller Review & Comparison


Xbox One Wireless Controller Review & Comparison



  1. can somebody please help me

    im getting a xbox 1 tommorw but which controllers have a jack for headphones

  2. I'm not buying any consoles at all. I just want to buy these awesome and low-price controllers. Thanks for the review!

  3. Great video Dave. Simple changes can make a world of difference in feel, a bit more textured finish, even a millimeter in size etc. 

  4. Wow – that battery you have in the original 360 controller is the same exact one which I use! They came as a double pack & included the charger. They last more than double the time of the Microsoft ones!!

  5. "It's very comfortable compare to the previous version" you need to check your facts they are preaty much the same shape , microsoft even said it that they didn't change much.

  6. Wireless is always good but looks a bit chunky. Dave do you think the xbox one is much better than the 360?

  7. I'm sure i read/heard that the Xbox one controller had pulse triggers = vibrating feedback triggers,i was wondering what you thought of them?

    Thanks again for a top review.  

  8. I appreciate the great advice, but was wondering if it would impact the electric bill more? Some places electricity can run expensive – I turn off the electric to my xbox one overnight because of it. Overall, thank you very much!!

  9. I did it I did about 3 months ago and it's starting to stop working my up down left right buttons don't work

  10. +GottaNippleOn, my controller is working with a phone charger but it's not generating power and the controller is still red, not green 

  11. The xbox1 controler works via wired connection if u plug it into the console anyway (no syncing) so why would you need to just plug it into a wall if u already have free USB ports on the console. The wired connection is faster than the wireless one too. Don't go putting unnecessary energy into the poor thing u never know what could happen.

  12. If u put the batteries in the controller while charging, will it charge the batteries too?? 

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