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30 Minutes of Mass Effect 2 on Xbox One


30 Minutes of Mass Effect 2 on Xbox One


  1. please help. mass effect 2 graphics are horrible on my xbox one s. is there something I need to change in the settings of my xbox or my 4k Sony sharp tv ?.. it honestly is so bad… the environments and lines are so choppy. and characters have weird glitches where the hair sometimes disappears or the skin has weird wavey fluctuating effect to them. please help. thank you.

  2. Origin just gave me this game for free! When I updated it today, there was a freebie available. It happened to be Mass Effect 2. An awesome game, playing it on PC now.

  3. XB1 is one of my favorite gaming consoles of all time with great new exclusives like Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3, Raiden 5 and Killer Instinct Definitive Edition but also awesome backward compatible exclusives like Alan Wake, Blue Dragon, Halo Wars and Left 4 Dead 2.

  4. I have the Mass Effect 2 disc and when I put it in and start the install it will get to 188.17 MB then just stop and it won't download any further and yes I'm using the 1st disc any clue what's going on?

  5. In retrospective, I'm still jealous Mass Effect 2 looks better by default on PS3 than on X360 and PC.

    Though, you can mod ME2 with better textures, shadows, ambient occlusion and AA on PC.

  6. All three Mass Effect games are now playable on Xbox One via backwards compatibility and also on EA Access :(. I'm a sad Playstation user.

  7. you dont need a remake the og graphics are stunning already. not much difference other than a sharper image.

  8. i got 3 yesterday how do you get online it just says you have to buy the onlune pass i go to and then it says failed

  9. this platnum game still gives me chills playing the begging part. i love mass effect! best series next to elder scrolls imo

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