Home Playstation Games CGR Undertow – BLACKSITE: AREA 51 for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review

CGR Undertow – BLACKSITE: AREA 51 for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review


CGR Undertow - BLACKSITE: AREA 51 for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review

BlackSite: Area 51 PlayStation 3 Trailer - Squad-Based


  1. As horrible as it was made out to be, I actually enjoyed it…especially the part in the outdoor theater when they hid behind a car and the one dude said, "Hey, it's a Dodge Avenger." And this is right after I bought my Dodge Avenger. Epic!

  2. even thou everybody shitted on this game when i first bought my ps3 finally back in 2011 i got this and 5 other games for 30 bucks at gamestop i dnt really listen to reviewers i like to form my own opinion plus i still have area 51 2005 and still love that game and midway games ingeneral they were my fav game developers so i was hyped to play this knowing the shit it got i hooked up my system played blacksite for about 30 mins and was very dissapointed actually i was heated lol i had to wait till the nextday cuz gamestop was closed so the next morning i brought it back dude was like whassup i was like gonna return a game he said which one im like crapsite he chuckles i told em you could have told me this shit suckz.#fuckcrapsite

  3. They need a new reviewer this guy always hates and his reviews suck racist comments too thanks Mohammad did he really just say that

  4. The best part of the game is when two soldiers are driving down the highway and one admonishes the other to turn off the radio, which was playing the Alex Jones Show.

  5. i love this game, because of shooting stuff, and stuff breaks, and aliens, runs on my computer, some aliens have pieces break off when you shoot them, sometimes the cover breaks, and that's basically all i need to enjoy a game.

  6. I picked up a copy of Fable III on EBay for six bucks and this game came with it. After playing a few minutes of this game I could see why I got it for free.

  7. I can't believe it's the same makers of area51 for ps2. when i got the game with my ps3 the same day, I thought it was the same makers. when i played it, i realized it couldn't be the same makers cuz it's a piece of shit.

    area 51 was a masterpiece that fulfilled my childhood of conspiracy theories.
    this new area 51 didn't peak my interest not one little bit.. it saddened me.
    even to this day I feel they need to bring back area 51 with the ps4 and make a new game like that where you get infected once more and gain powers and fight elite shadow groups..

    they would be making people's lives by bringing back the area51 on ps2 feel.

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