Home Xbox Games CGR Undertow – MASS EFFECT 2 for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

CGR Undertow – MASS EFFECT 2 for Xbox 360 Video Game Review


CGR Undertow - MASS EFFECT 2 for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

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  1. I know I'm supposed to play the first one but I couldn't stand the combat. This and ME3 are a LOT better.

  2. Personally i was disapointed with Mass Effect 2. I really liked the RPG element to one. I LOVED ramping the MAKO around planets doing jumps and exploring. The shooting didnt bother me one bit in ME1 once i was used to it.

  3. @941Blaze
    lol "just the money"? no money, no game.
    you can have the greatest ideas in the world for a game but if you can't produce them then who cares? If I told you i had designed the best game ever in my head would you give a shit? No.
    Like I said, publishers are just as important as developers because one couldn't exist without the other (when creating a big-budget game like Mass Effect 2 anyway).

  4. @InjectedWithAPoison
    What!? Saying Mass Effect 2 is from BioWare but not EA is like saying Black Ops is from Treyarch but not Activision. EA is due as much credit as BioWare for Mass Effect 2 — it was their money that produced it so the risk was on their shoulders. In addition to the funding, all the manufacturing, marketing, market research, advertising, licensing, localisation, and all sorts of other crucial aspects to video game development are handled by the publisher — in this case, EA.

  5. @segaatari25 I would say you are overcomplicating it, I enjoy Biowares games…maybe you would too if you just calmed down.

    I think the point is, that it does use RPG elements, I agree it is not a throughbred RPG but the aspects are obviously there, It also harbours a large focus on the 3rd person shooter side.

    Why is a role playing game MORE than just a game where you play a particular role?

    Oh right, because you said so.

  6. @segaatari25 RPG = Role Playing Game

    In this game you play the role of captain Shepard

    Occums Razor makes you look like a dumbass :L

  7. @segaatari25 this game and the other Mass Effect games are all RPGs no matter what you say all the mass effect series are in fact are RPGs. No matter what you say wont change that fact. Its just different from your JRPGs its directed toward a different demographic.

  8. @isurus It is a common mistake, he greatly praises the experience nonetheless. Yes he should know to mention Bioware, as he is a reviewer, but CGR is clearly more casual than mainstream reviewers like IGN, so it doesn't matter too much.

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