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Madden NFL 15 Kick Return Touchdown Tips & Tricks


Chaz shows you an easy method to return kicks in Maddden NFL 15.

Best kick returners in the game ordered by speed:

Trindon Holliday – Giants
Desean Jackson – Redskins
Dri Archer – Steelers
Jeff Demps – Buccaneers
Patrick Peterson – Cardinals
Mike Wallace – Dolphins
Ten Ginn- Cardinals
Devin Hester – Falcons
Jacoby Ford – Jets
Taiwan Jones – Raiders

Madden NFL 15 Kick Return Touchdown Tips & Tricks


  1. Every time I catch to return, everyone is already coming for me because the blocking is crap in this game. How do u friggin do this

  2. I do this when doing solo challenges and I rarely touch the ball on offense because I return it every time. I use the same thing but I go out first and then curve in and there's a gap to the middle /right side of the field it works every time.

  3. You make it look so easy. Im following those steps exactly but there are like 4-5 guys coming at me unimpeded and one juke can't fake them all. Does this only work with certain teams? Im using the Redskins the defense doesn't block nearly that well. Am I using the wrong formation? Like kick return left vs middle vs right. Tried switching them and it doesnt seem to make a difference.

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