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Mega Man Legacy Collection Review


Great emulation, clever remixes, and thoughtful historic combined into a superb compilation.

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Mega Man Legacy Collection Review


  1. something I really hate about Mega Man Legacy is the color scheme

    things that are supposed to be red are actually pink. it's especially noticeable in MM3 with Proto Man and Rush

  2. No rewind as a con……. Really? I'm not one to complain about review scores or anything but that's pathetic. Seriously… You can't call a game worse for not having something that another one has.

  3. If they were planning on making another collection, the least thing they could do is the latest ones plus more games that were not included in the past one. Instead of delivering one with even less content.

  4. I used to speed-run Mega Man 1, 2 and 3 before I knew that speed-running was a thing. Just showing off in front of friends.

  5. Playing this on xbox one, it has glitches the originals did not have such as the dragon in wily's castle in megaman 2 sometimes fires upwards of 40 fireballs at once. on top of that the games suffer from overwhelmingly bad lag that is not present in the originals either. To top it off they gave you even less games than the megaman collection on the gamecube. What gives capcom :/?

  6. Timeless game series. Solid gameplay and clever level design, in combination with a beautiful art style and catchy music will ensure these games are remembered for generations.

  7. I don't remember what Mega Man games I used to play on Super Nintendo when I was a child, but I wish this included them. I knew it didn't when I saw Mega Mans suit not looking how I remember it looking.

  8. I really wish this had 7, 8, 9, and 10 as well. Especially 9 and 10 because I never got a chance to play them. =P

    Oh well, nice collection nevertheless.

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