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ps3 Wont read game/disc?


As you can see in the video the ps3 wont read the game. Is there anyway i can fix this WITHOUT having to buy another ps3 or sending it to sony for a 150$+ repair? ps3 is a 40gb Model by the way.
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Update 2:
I formatted my hardrive and did almost everything, so i guess ill just have too look around for a repair shop. Figues too, it broke down right as christmas vacaton came. 🙁 i usually play gta iv or modern warefare 2 online

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  1. its probably the blu ray lens

    its happened to me.

    -have you done a system format (2-3hrs) under system settings since it might be an update.

    -you might try to realign your lens by holding down the eject button

    -restore the system settings

    -have you tried other games( maybe its just the 1 game)

    -does everything else work? if it does then its most likely the blu ray lens

    -if not lok for a place nearby your city, which will usually fix it same day

    btw wats the game you mostly play? just wondering since i have a 40gb

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