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Someone Please Help Me, PS3 Online.?


please dont tell me to go to the site i went there and went through everything and theres nothing that solves my problem.

the situation is i just got a wireless router and i want to connect to it with my ps3 to go online. when i do the internet connection options i find my router and it has a 100% signal then i continue doing all the steps and when i do the internet connection test it fails at obtaining an ip address, it says the key information exchange timed out. so what am i supposed to do to fix this? how can i go online?

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  1. First, try restarting your router and your modem. If that doesn’t work, check to make sure that your router is handing IP addressing via DHCP and not via static. You also might want to change the security method that your router is using. It could also be a compatibility issue between your router and the PS3. Some routers are gaming device friendly, and some are not. So do a search of your routers model number to see if it is compatible with the PS3 in wireless mode.

    FYI – Gaming systems play much better with ethernet connections. There’s a LOT more lag when you throw wireless connections in the mix. If you are unable to do so, I understand.

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