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Battle Worlds Kronos (Xbox One, PS4) “Great Commanding!”


We take a look at a new title that launched on Xbox One and PS4 this week called Battle Worlds Kronos. Hope you enjoy!

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Battle Worlds Kronos (Xbox One, PS4)


  1. Does anyone else have problems with the games commands getting really slow and delayed?? I'm on the last level of the 1st chapter and it literally takes about 20-30 seconds just to unload one vehicle from a building.. and almost all movement is delayed and everything seems to take a few moments to 'catch up'..
    I kinda had this problem on earlier levels, but not as bad and I could usually solve it by restarting the game..
    Is this just a bad install? Would being online fix the problem with updates or no? If no, is there a way to reinstall the game and still keep my saved files?

  2. Hey! Thank you! I wasn't to sure about buying this game. But after watching this I'm getting it.
    I just wish there was Civilization on Xbox one. Can't wait for halo wars 2!

  3. I play the PC version of this game, so the overlays look a tad different, but I am pretty sure you still had some units left in your buildings (when you select a building, then these white squares represent the units that are stored inside ;)).
    Also – I am not sure if you can do it in this early mission though – it is usually possible to call for additional reinforcements..

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