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PS3 broke, sending it into Sony, have a few questions about this?



My PS3 broke, and it’s still under warrenty. I’m going to send it in as soon as possible.

I’m going to call Sony shortly, but first, has anybody received a brand new Playstation from Sony? I’m NOT talking about a refurbished one. My PS3 has had many problems, I do not want it even if it’s fixed, and I definatly don’t want a refurbished one. has anybody receid a brand new playstation from sony? Mine has had way too many problems, and I’m adamant that I will not accept a refurbished one.

Thank you.

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  1. Hey don’t get mistaken. Refurbs are like brand new. Those units were brought back to brand new condition on Sony facilities. I had the same problem as you are. Send my defective PS3 back to Sony and got a refurbed unit 3 days after sending it back. Since then I didn’t have a problem. That was 2008 when I got the refurb unit. It’s all good. Don’t worry. It’s refurb or nothing. And how would you know you’re getting a brand new one anyway. Sony has access to PS3 boxes and pack the refurbs to look like brand new.

  2. the warranty only covers repair or replacement with another of the same model , not replacement with a new system. you could get a new one if this was in the written warranty but it isn’t. they only have to give you a repaired console back – and rightfully so since everything depreciates after it’s used.

    the only time you’ll get a new console is if they don’t have a refurbished system the same model available or if you had an extended warranty through a different company saying so in writing.

  3. If your ps3 isn’t repairable they will send you a new one.but again, it depends solely on the condition in which your ps3 is in.

  4. Im sorry to hear about your ps3 i feal you pain been there.

    The bad thing is like many people have said, your gonna get a refurb if you call sony there is no two ways about it, like gunman said even if you yell & scream & talk to everyone who will listen even if they tell you that you are getting a new one they could just be giving you a refurb in a new box, there would be no way for you to know.

    The one thing i have noticed you didnt mentio & no one has seemed to ask yet it is how old is your ps3 & where did you buy it? If it was walmart or bb & it was less than 90 days ago then you could always return it to the store & they would just hand you another new one off the shelf, or give you back your money & you could just go pick up another one. Good luck man!

  5. with my one, they gave a voucher but it was less money than we paid and also, make sure ur game or watever is taken out as my one wasnt and i havent recieved the game, this was approx. 3 months ago

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