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Ps3 disc won’t read eject noise?


Recently got new Vegas and have been playing for a couple days no prob. Then everytime I put the game in it wouldn’t read and make the disc eject noise? All my other games work AND that new Vegas game works on my brothers ps3 just fine! Sony can’t help me idk what to do

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  1. i assume there is a error code reading this disc on your console i think your ps3 dosent want to or you have something wrong with it i recommend you re format your ps3 or just reset settings to try that again maybe is just that

  2. Now could that be a noise that the PS3 is trying to read it but can’t?

    It could be that the game plays on 1080p but you only have a 720p TV but, that might be a long shot. Obviously the laser isnt able to read it and when its doing that noise I think its the laser going back and forth trying to read it.

    When the PS3 is on and comes up on the screen press and hold the eject button until you hear the laser going back and forth and when the laser stops doing that then just take your finger off the eject button and then try to play.

    What your doing is makeing the PS3 align the laser. As long as it plays all other games it shouldn’t be the laser that is going but just a simple problem. Also check for corrupt Data on the hard drive by going to restore menu. E-mail me if you dont know how to get to the restore menu and I will walk you through it.

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