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Star Trek gameplay walkthrough part 1 let’s play PS3 GAME XBOX PC HD “Star Trek walkthrough part 1”


Star Trek gameplay walkthrough part 1 let's play PS3 GAME XBOX PC HD


  1. The Trailer made this look interesting but omg this look as awfull as the Kelvin Timeline movies.

  2. What's wrong with Checkoff's eyes!? Did he smoke a Doobie when he woke up that morning?

  3. Well…I did hear it was a 'Bad Game' but that also may be because it feels like a 'Movie' script or an 'Episode' script which honestly if written as a script for a movie doesn't really translate well to a video game.

    I also heard that they decided against continuing to work on it in favor of an earlier release…this is only what I "Heard" and have no place to tell where I got this information.

    Also 30:59 Phase Dat Ass…

    Edit: Wow…after little more than half an hour "Fuck It" was enabled.

  4. @12michak12 i have to disagree ive seen all the tv shows all the movies, these are just for the new era and to compare them to the old ones is rather stupid these new movies have amazing potential actors are good reviews are great, i get that is your opinion but why wouldn't you give them a chance there kinda like remakes but also on there own story line ya get me? there making the third one to come out in 2016 in accordance with the franchise anniversary so i guess we will see if its worth making more, the next generation was a tv show anyway…..ssoooo of course there far apart….i dont know i just dont get your logic 

  5. Awesome! "Alright men this mission could be dangerous; the away team will consist of myself, Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy annnnd Ensign Ricky." "Ah Crap"

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