Home Videos Xbox One Vs PS4: Which Offers The Best Multiplatform Game Experience?

Xbox One Vs PS4: Which Offers The Best Multiplatform Game Experience?


Interestingly enough, the Xbox One versions of multiplatform games have been exceeding that of the “more powerful” PS4. Interesting turn of events.

Xbox One Vs PS4: Which Offers The Best Multiplatform Game Experience?

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  1. crap review gamers will say xbox one is the best because they always wear microsoft knee pads 24 /7 and never take them off

  2. @justin lewis I don't know if you're serious or just a troll. But hey I'll reply, I was playing Playstation consoles up until the Xbox 360 came out and now I bought a PS4 for a better gaming experience just as the Xbox 360 was the best console that I'm still playing. I just want to say you're full of crap.

    I'm not a fan of indies but I recognize some names that are also on the PSN which will probably be free one month which I imagine is the same for the Xbox One, maybe you're just listing them for no reason but meh it's not a point in favor of one console over the other.

    Why did I buy a PS4? Final Fantasy ( I wouldn't even need another reason), there's a bunch of the best PS3 games that I never played, bunch of other quality exclusives already out on the PS4 and coming out in the next year.
    But ignoring the PS4, since I have being an Xbox 360 gamer for many years I'll focus on the Xbox One games that I know best.
    Halo 5, same old same old, nothing special but I'm probably going to buy an Xbox One at some point and Halo 5 will be a purchase. I already own all the other Halo games on the Xbox 360. I don't think its anything amazing now.

    Gears, what can I say it's why I got the Xbox 360 in the first place. Gears 1 was hands down the best multiplayer experience. It went downhill from there but Gears 3 wasn't so bad. Can't really beat Gears 1 though, remastering Gears 1 seems redundant and is certainly nothing to brag about but I'll be buying that too. I dunno if them added chapters were all in the PC version since I never looked to see what the PC version had that we didn't other than that fight with the Brumak.
    So far, them two games and Gears 4 don't scream "Ignore all the awesome PS4 titles and play me".
    Just no, the Xbox One is going to be my secondary console for exclusives and probably Mass Effect 4 although that doesn't make a difference since it probably won't mean much to have ME history on the Xbox.

    Rise of the Tomb Raider, I don't care I'm still buying it on the PS4.
    Forza 6, I'm not a racing or sports simulator type of person on either console. They're shit games in my mind.
    I played Fable and Forza, they're both shit. Crackdown is shit too. Seen them all in action and they're all shit.
    Fallout 4 will have mods for both consoles.
    Rare Replay 30 games, I'm not into that, it's a pile of shit for kids.

    The Last Guardian looks shit to me and so does Recore and Sea of Thieves.
    Scalebound, just watched the trailer, looks stupid but cool concept I guess.
    I don't think many people liked Halo Wars, I liked it myself but it's a pretty poor strategy game. Halo Wars 2 might be better but it's not a "this is an awesome" game.
    Quantum Break, could be shit, could be decent. It's probably going to be a meh game you pick up if you own an Xbox One.
    Killer Instinct Season 3, yeah I find fighting games shit as well.

    Backwards Compatibility is decent, I'll probably play my Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One and put the Xbox 360 away for good.
    Xbox One timed exclusives don't mean too much since the PS4 has so many better games to play and games that run better on the PS4.

  3. only xbox exclusives 2001 halo / 2004 halo 2 / 2007 halo3 /2008 gears of war,and still halo 3 / 2011 halo, gears of war/….FAST FORWARD TO..present time… HALO/ GEARS OF WAR!!! Am i the only one seeing a pattern here?

  4. This guys always think that there is like a conspiracy against X1. Many multi-platforms RUN BETTER ON PS4 that's a FACT and if you really are happy with the X1 you shouldn't care about it. I had a PS3 (R.I.P 2010-2015…Damn bastard 🙁 ) and i knew that almost all multi-platforms used to run better on X360, and all the gaming media gave crap to the PS3 about it because the low fps, the low res… and all of that was true, it was a FACT, X360 used to run better, but i don't recall to ever be so "Fanboy" to say that there was a conspiracy against the PS3. You are fanboys and you don't admit it, i don't know why, and that is really bad.

  5. You guy's realize that Konami is far from going down in flames…. In Japan they own fitness clubs, they have their own food label they make pachinko machines and they have a real estate business. This is just a few things that Konami does. Konami digital entertainment is/ was just a small part of their business.

  6. I supported Sony's stuff for awhile (90'S) . Anyone who has been around for awhile, that I know will not touch anything they make. I could provide a list but they are all about sales and I'm shocked so many fell for the Sony spiel. That being said I'm also very happy for the competition. What may have been mediocre, has been great as a Xbox One owner. Also I love the media interface. TV, Apps, Games, Notifications, and My fantasy team notifications. Backwards compatible and I did not have a 360. I felt like an outsider and was questioning my choice, but Sony has always failed me ! So I could not make the leap. So glad I did not Sheepony it.

  7. Obviously ps4. Most games at 1080p with equal or better frame rate. Exceptions isnt the same as the norm. recent games ps4: project cars, MK10, batman AK, MGS 5, pro evo soccer . xbox :the witcher 3 and zombi. By the way gear of war remaster runs at 30fps on campaign lol, a game that been criticize for outdated graphics, meanwhile uncharted collection all 1080p 60fps and they already lookbetter than tat remaster.

  8. Funny how they crack on soccer cars. Rocket league is a really good time with high replay value and it was free so yea ppl like it

  9. Flappy bird? no a really good indie game not comparable to flappy birds, Ori, Brothers, Journey, Rapture, etc. I can go on and on. All of these games are great and what you are either not realizing or not aknowledging is that these games offer variety not just to gaming but often have very beautiful art styles. They are also sometimes revolutionary  with game features.

  10. Complaining about H5 not having BTB is a valid complaint, they are trying to launch with just 2 playlists? that is crazy! And the reason people are complaining about H5 and not uncharted about no local co op is because local splitscreen was a staple for Halo. That was one of the erlier big games to introduce co-op campaign and many people have had Halo be a game for local game night, and now Halo is leaving that all behind. That is a big deal, it doesn't matter for Uncharted because they are not taking anything away. If Ori and the blind Forest 2 doesn't have multiplayer I will not be complaining.

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