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Zombie Army Trilogy – Let’s Play – Part 1 – [Ep.1: The Berlin Horror] – “Village Of The Dead”


Zombie Army Trilogy - Let's Play - Part 1 - [Ep.1: The Berlin Horror] -


  1. You should make a walkthrough for Sniper Elite difficulty. I always play on the hardest setting, whatever the game is. Lower difficulty is for wimps.

    For Skyrim I had to add a number of mods to make the game even harder because even legendary difficulty wasn't enough.

  2. Some tips for people who just bought this game (and probably think it sucks)

    The basics:
    This is a sniper-based game, so accuracy is very important as ammo is somewhat hard to come by. You cannot go full YOLO. Keep your distance! For those who played L4D2, imagine having to play expert realism with only a hunting rifle and a pistol.
    Headshot is everything. Always aim for the head! In fact, some zombies can only be killed by headshots.
    You can out run most zombies (press Space Bar). Use this to keep your distance!
    Like other modern shooters, you die after taking a number of hits, and your health will regenerate over time.
    It is important to search corpses for ammo and items (press E).
    Ammo is plentiful for sniper rifles, but usually in short supply for secondary weapon and pistols. Ammo can be found by searching corpses, or from ammo boxes in safe rooms

    Basic strategy: Use sniper rifles to kill most zombies from afar, isolate 4 or 5 zombies, killed them in close quarter and search their corpses. Rinse and repeat. If surrounded, kick them and run to create some distance. Save ammo on skeleton by kicking them.

    WASD – move
    E – interact, search corpse for ammo or item
    1234567 – weapons
    F – use the currently active throwable
    C – crouch for more steady aim, hold to lie down.
    Shift – sprint
    Ctrl – Aim without scope
    Right click – Aim with scope, press E while aiming for more steady aim
    Space bar – kick zombies and knock them back. Also stamp on fallen zombies, instantly killing them.

    Sniper rifle (1) Aim for the head. If the zombies are too close, use Ctrl instead of Right click.
    Secondary weapon (2) They might seem more suitable in a zombie apocalypse, unfortunately you cannot carry a lot of ammo, so only use them when the zombies are close.
    Pistol (3) Like above, less powerful, but faster reload time makes them invaluable in close combat.
    Grenade (4) Most useful throwable
    Land mine (5) Go boom when zombie walk over, slow trigger time, good for defending choke points
    Trip wire (6) Go boom when zombie trip the wire, faster trigger time, good for defending choke points
    Dynamite (7) Go boom when shot by a sniper rifle, good for defending choke points

    Basic enemies:
    Zombies: slow moving, but numerous. Die with 1 head shot. However, they can resurrect if killed by a non-headshot. Their armored variants can withstand a few headshots. Just keep your distance, as they can easily be outrun.
    Skeletons: slightly faster. Instant kill with a kick, or with a shot to their glowing red core in their chests. Their armored variants can also withstand a few kicks or shots.
    Suicide bomber: very fast, will detonate themselves if they reach you. They also detonate when killed from afar, taking down other enemies near them. Any weapon can kill them with 1 hit. High priority!
    Burning zombies: act like suicide bomber, deal slightly less them damage, but appears in larger number. Also high priority.
    Sniper zombies: they have a sniper rifles and can jump from buildings to buildings. They have glowing green eyes and leave a glowing green smoke trail after jumping.

    How do I skip the Mortal Kombat-esque cutscene when killing a zombie from afar? Space bar

  3. This is one of my favorite world war 2 games ever and I recently just finished the game loved the final boss battle. definitely playing this game again tonight

  4. Great video! Came here to see gameplay before deciding whether or not to buy the game, as it's currently on sale on Steam. Ended up buying it! Are you considering doing a let's play of Resident Evil 7 as well?

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