Home Videos Glacier White PS4 Unboxing! (Driveclub Bundle)

Glacier White PS4 Unboxing! (Driveclub Bundle)


Glacier White PS4 Unboxing! (Driveclub Bundle)


  1. Nice video thumbs up great accent bro im also getting a ps4 so we can play

  2. I am really confused on what color should i buy for christmas 2016 🙂 please help me. Haha! tnx and btw they say black is DARING but white is LEGACY! HAHAHAH so like i really dont know what color to get.

  3. Damn nice video mate.. Looking forward to finally buy PS4.. Which one would you recommend, the white one or the black one. Personally i would choose the white one because i find it more cooler,, somehow haha. But it would be nice to get some advice.

  4. Awesome unboxing video hommie & the music in the background was cool you earned a new sub and I'll add your ps gamertag

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