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how much would i get for my ps3?


my ps3 broke for the second time i got the yellow light. So i don’t want to pay 130 again for a refurnished ps3 that might brake when the guarantee expires. So i was planning to do the fix by putting the heat compound on the CPU and selling it to gamestop and maybe get the discount off a ps3 slim although i know my ps3 is one of the best because of the whole being able to play ps1 and ps2 games, but i don’t mind that. Or would gamstop know if im selling them a crappy fixed ps3? Most important, around how much money would i get for it if i can?

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  1. All gamestop does is check that it turns on and the video and sound work. If you can jury rig it to work again without it looking like you’ve touched it or made any fixes then you can probably turn it into them.

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