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Top 6 Halo Wars Cheats, Tips and Tricks



This trick was discovered in the trailer on Xbox Live.The only one thing that can kill a scarab is a MAC cannon. So I prepared this strategy. Get some ‘Hogs and move them around the scarab so the scarab can not hit them. So as to decrease casualties. Then hit the thing with a MAC Salvo.

-Loading Screen Tip

I thought that had absolutely no way point system. It turns out, however, that one of the few tips on the loading screen that says you can give a second move cmd by holding “X” button and it really works. That is really 90 per cent of all I want out of way points–to be able to give two cmds so that I can tell them where to go and the route to take to avoid known dangers.

-Automatic gather after building

Double clicking the left stick will really put a way point down for your game units to collect after building. Much similar doing it from you building menu but faster. People always forget to scroll through the units with the right trigger. And effectively using the d-pad is one of the main ways to victory..

-Fast using of abilities
If you press the right trigger when you have a amount of different units it will cycle over them so you could use there different abilities without having to select the single unit.


Avoid taking a scorpion unit into a very tight spot or trying to jump valleys like the warthog. It appears to be un-maneuverable and very slow.

-Air Raids

The monthly updates mention air raids as being a superior way of attacking an vulnerable base. Banshees seem to be the best unit for an air raid by using a “hit and run” tactic because of their speed. In mass numbers they might just be an unstoppable force.

-Receive a FREE copy of the game

Since the game is getting famous there are some promotions running that are giving away game copies. You can apply for it on [http://www.halowarsgame.info]

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