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Whats wrong with my ps3?


For christmas i bought a ps3 and played it for like a few days. Then i went on a ski trip with my girlfriend, we went wedensday and stayed thursday came back friday.

On saturday i started to play it, then this noise happened, like it was reading the disc over and over again. It didnt do it before so i ignored it thinking itd go away.

Then after like 4 days its still doing it. Its in an open place and nothing is really around it, and its flat on its side, its the new ps3 500gb slim one, only came in a bundle, i want to make it stop. But dont know how, help? Please and thanks.

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  1. my does that sometimes even my ps2 would do that honestly i think its a normal thing cause the noise on mine always goes away maybe try cleaning your disc that may be the reason the ps3 is having a hard time reading it or something

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