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In this review I will be looking at the good and bad points to do with MGS4: SoTP

The review will come in 5 sections

* Solo Gameplay

* Multi Player Gameplay & Ranking System (PlayStation Network PSN)

* Graphics

* Conclusion

* Out of 10 Rankings


As anyone who has ever owned any form of PlayStation will know, Metal Gear Solid is verging on becoming the longest and most successful series of games ever to reach our gaming screens. We all loved the first 3 in the series and the long awaited 4th and final installment did not disappoint.

Solo Gameplay

In the MGS4 campaign you play as Solid Snake but he has an aging disease which means that he looks around 70 years old whilst his comrades which featured in MGS1&2 are still around 30/40 years old. This game is set around 25 years in the future and allot has moved on since MGS2, Otacon now follows snake around using the MKII, a small robot which snake can take control of if he needs too. Snakes most high tech and arguably best and most useful gadget is the ‘Solid Eye’ which shows enemies health, weapon and gadget titles, and has useful features such as night vision and binoculars. The full story line follows snake as he tracks down his twin brother, Liquid Snake, tying up a lot of loose ends as he goes. Snake bumps into Meryl from MGS1 who is now a high flying commander of a marines specialist unit Rat Patrol (a division of Foxhound.) And together they attempt to shut down the Sons of The Patriots system which controls the nanites which live inside all the military soldiers and vehicles. In the wrong hands this technology could be used to overthrow the world. And guess who’s after it…

Multi player Gameplay

Metal Gear Online (more commonly know as MGO) is a cutting edge piece of multi player game magic. The gameplay is very similar to that of the campaign, third person, and kick ass. Unlike competing online shooter games, in MGO you can customize everything from your characters clothes to their voice, and continue to customize as you gain more reward points. MGO Has several different game modes, there are the classics Team Death Match (TDM) and Deathmatch (DM) also known as free for all. But Metal gear has once again taken its own quirky initiative. By adapting some more traditional game styles and making them more suited to the MGS way of thinking. There is Rescue (Res) which is basically CTF, where one team tracks down the ‘Gako and Kerotan’ (Duck and Frog) and brings them to the target whilst the other team attempts to stop them. And then there are entirley new game modes, based around the MGS story like such as Team Sneaking (TSNE) where one team wears Stealth Camo, invented by Otacon in MGS1, and attempts to take the Gako or Kerotan from within the enemies base without being noticed and stealth deathmatch where everyone has stealth camo. There is also a game mode where one lucky buck gets to play as Snake! Sneaking (SNE) is Team Deathmatch with a twist, two teams battle it out as Snake tranquilized unsuspecting victims and takes their dog tag’s. If snake gets 3 dog tag’s before the end of the game he wins. MGO features classic guns such as the P90, M4a1 and AK102, but mixes them in with MGS’ own Mk2 pistol and many others. MGO is an exciting, interesting and almost amusing game to play, and the best thing is, you can still hide in a cardboard box!!

Multi Player Ranking

MGO does go a strange route when it comes to levels etc. The highest level anyone to date has achieved is 17, and this is because it is possible to loose your level, however MGO also used emblems, the lowest of which is a Sloth (meaning that you get shot in the head allot) There are several neutral emblems, including a gako and kerotan which have their own small meanings, but the first good emblems are Eagle and Crocodile the first of which is Headshot Master, and the second, Killer, but it does not get interesting until you reach Hound, then Doberman, then Fox and finally Foxhound. Making you a legendary soldier.


If I’m honest, I’m not quite sure where to start. The campaign graphics rank high above the likes of CoD 4&5 GoW and indeed any other game on the PS3 and Xbox 360 (except perhaps Killzone 2) Everything is damageable on and offline and the graphics on the main characters are unbelievable detailed. And even the faces and movements on the online characters are breathtaking. Even on a standard definition TV the MGS4 graphics challenge the likes of Devil May Cry and GTA4 without any trouble and the bigger the TV this game is put on the better it seems to get. I find it hard to believe that there will be more than a handful of games to challenge MGS4’s graphics on this generation of console.


Personally I love this game, and I was quite content to have this as my only game on the PS3 and I don’t think that anyone who owns it will disagree. You will become addicted to the game play and overall amusement you get from this game. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed

Value: 8/10
Solo campaign: 9/10
Multiplayer: 9/10
Graphics: 9.9/10
Overall: 9/10

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