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Is my Xbox 360 HD cable meant to have 5 plugs rather than 3?


Hi, when I bought my xbox i recieved a cable which you can either switch to “TV” or to “HDTV”. Well I have a HDTV but according to the internet and xbox manual the cable is meant to have 5 plugs, 3 for the video and 2 for the audio! Thats not the case though, it has a grey, a blue and a red cable and nothing else!

My TV also only has a Blue, Red and yellow input, so what am I meant to do?

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  1. You should have had 5 plugs for the COMPOSITE with the HDTV. I’m not sure what you do when you only have the 3, sounds like you are missing some though.

  2. The cable should look like this [url is not allowed]. if not just buy another one from a game store. Check if your TV has HDMI slots (it should) if so, do not bother about this, instead purchase a HDMI cable (if it wasn’t included with the xbox) and use that instead, apparently it’s better but it certainly is less complicated; it looks like this [url is not allowed].

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