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original xbox being made


original xbox being made wish i could make moded system like this

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original xbox being made


  1. Interesting video. Just wanna say thank you to these people for making something that has entertained me and millions of people. Thank you!

  2. Made in Hungray. How did they link the bios to the hardrive with password, was it the dvd she installed. at 5:30

  3. I feel bad for those people who have to sit there and watch xboxes turn on for hours every day

  4. okay so was my xbox made in that factory also? because i really want to know…. and was my xbox probly one of those in the video, or was it made a different day? all i know is that my xbox is from 2001…..

  5. I wonder why are all women? Is it because they are paid cheaper or was it a coincidence?

    Edit: I think I met my soul wife at 5:06 lol

  6. Wow, holy shit. I had no idea they had to go through every part like this, not to mention how many women worked on assembling this thing. It is incredible. I also love how all the tests they did to make sure the system worked, such as turning it on before we turn it on out of the box.

    I wonder now, just how many Original Xbox consoles were made total? Including Debug and dev kits. And that is where mine even came from… wow.

    I need to take real good care of mine the best I can since they no longer make the original Xbox, it still works after 13 years but I really want to maintenance it. Too bad it won't last forever. :/

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