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Sims 2 Pets – A Computer Game But What is it About?


Another Sims game that seems to be very popular with kids at the moment is the Sims 2 Pets video game. Here is my explanation of how it works for people who are very new to the world of computer games, like me.

Sims 2 Pets for a PC comes as an expansion pack, which in layman’s language means that if you are using the PC version of Sims 2 then the “Sims 2 Pets” is an add on game (expansion pack). Whereas, for the console versions, like Xbox for example, you will have to buy the game as a stand alone complete game and that will be more expensive.

Sims 2 Pets is where you can create your very own pets, be it dogs, cats or maybe a bird or a little mouse. Your kids will have great fun deciding on the breed and assuming it’s a dog, a Poodle or maybe a Labrador for example. There is also a large range of colors and markings to choose from for their chosen pet and they can even decide if their pet is going to be affectionate or downright nasty. They will be able to create a designer dog/cat and even get him registered as a unique pedigree.

If it’s a dog they have chosen, then your kids shouldn’t be surprised if their pet dog gets up to mischief! A close eye will be needed to make sure they do not get into too much trouble, especially if they are puppies because these virtual pets can be just as naughty as the real thing.

The pet will be a member of the Sims family and will need to be fed and watered and taken for walks in the park. The family will be able to train him to behave if he is bad and teach him to sit or stay, just like a regular dog. It’s possible that he could even go to work and earn a living by working in show biz, security or other service and get promoted up through five career levels. Not bad for a dog!

For the novice in computer games, one of the most important things to remember is, to find out what platform the game is going to be played on. Is the platform a PC, in which case, what is the operating system. i.e. Vista, XP for example? Or is the platform a games Console like, Xbox, Nintendo Wii or PlayStation 2 or 3 for example. Make sure you find out before you buy because if you just hope for the best, you can bet your bottom Dollar, it will be wrong.

Discover more about why kids love computer games so much. Hopefully, this guide will have enlightened you a little on this subject and if you would like to learn more, in easy to understand language, about the games available then please visit my website at [url not allowed]

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