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How can I reset the parental code on my Xbox 360 if I don’t know the secret questions?


My brother absolutely loves playing Black Ops but a couple years back our mom put parental codes on there and never recorded the password. He is now allowed to play it but we can’t figure out the password or the secret questions. Is there another way we can reset the secret codes or password? I know it was stupid of us not to record the answers but we just never had the time to write it down right away.

Thank You In Advance

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  1. Have your mother call Xbox support, they can surely lift the restrictions.

    Canada & USA Number: 1-800-469-9269 (4-MY-XBOX)

  2. You’ll have to have your mom call Microsoft 360 support and explain that she put a password on the account and can’t remember it to get it off. They should be able to help.

    I don’t think they will help if you call directly. It will have to be your mom making the call.

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