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My xbox disc tray closes on it’s own?


I open the tray and the light in the middle keeps blinking then it closes on its own after like 30 seconds or so. Is there anything I can do to fix this? And sometimes it won’t be able to read the game disc, says the game disc needs cleaning but I know it doesnt. It doesn’t do it often, but it’s kinda annoying especially if I’m in the middle of a game and then it doesnt’ read the disc and I have to do everything over again. :/

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  1. When you press eject and it open out, just pull it a little bit as the motor in it is struggling to move it all of the way. You will notice it moves out about 1cm more when you pull it and the green light stops blinking as the drive is fully out. Your disk drive is on it’s way out, one of my Xbox’s does that but it was manufactured in 2006 so I don’t blame it for having issues 6 years later.

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