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What happens to the days we can not get on PSN after we PAID to have it?


Do we get a free game (that is not crap or very old) or what? We pay for Online gaming now and I have has more problems than ps3 ever gave me. PSN has been off for two days now and I can’t even play a game I bought online even on a offline mode.

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  1. Nothing, it’s gone. According to the terms of service there’s no guarantee that psn will always be available. It sucks but that’s exactly what lizard squad wanted to happen. At the end of this Sony will probably give a bunch of free games to everyone, that’s what they did the last time hackers took down psn on a scale this size. (Psn was down for 3 months that time)

  2. They don’t *have* to do anything as the terms of service don’t guarantee that the service will be up. They’ll probably end up just extending everybody by a couple of days to make up for the days that it was down as a goodwill gesture.

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