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Xbox 360 Longplay [035] Mass Effect 1 (part 01 of 17)


Xbox 360 Longplay [035] Mass Effect 1 (part 01 of 17)


  1. That guy in the beginning sounds very familiar to me, like Carth from Kotor not sure what to think of that actually…

  2. How did you start off with Level 10 weapons and equipment that soon?  Does it depend on difficulty level?

  3. Thanks for posting.  I love gameplay vids, but I hate it when the creator/player feels the need to fill every minute with inane babble just for the sake of talking.  This is perfect.

  4. I still like Mass Effect 1 over the sequels, I liked all the exploring on planets and the story was better IMHO.

  5. If only they would've just fixed the minor issues with this game. The first game had so much charm. Argh. I really wish Bioware would have stuck with the tone of this game.

  6. I just finished the game 2 days ago 🙂 It's already one of my favorite game of my life! Thanks for this longplay ! I hope it's not the same story and not the same choice I had 😉 hehe. I'll see

  7. The series is awesome man. Once you start playing each game it consumes your life until you're finished with it.

  8. I've heard so much about this series, I might just watch this. Guess I'll find out if it's utter crap in HD.

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