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does anyone know how to copy an xbox disc to a blank disc?


i want to copy my friends game and i dont want to get banned is there a way i can do this please help!

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  1. You would first have to have a modded xbox I believe, otherwise just copying the disc will not work.

  2. If you don’t want to get banned then don’t play on xbox live with copied games. to copy games is illegal the only thing i can tell you is to Google it. and that if you were not smart enough to Google it then your not smart enough to mess with your 360 to mod it to be capable of playing game copies.

  3. Yep! Mod your box (soft or chip), replace the dash and ftp in. If you want to learn exactly how to do it check out the book I bought at [url is not allowed]. It walked me through how to mod and copy step by step all the way through the process. Totally worth the $7 I paid for it!

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