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Full Auto 2: Battlelines PlayStation 3 Review – Video


Full Auto 2: Battlelines PlayStation 3 Review - Video

Full Auto 2: Battlelines (PS3)


  1. I came to see some opinions after ragequitting Full Auto 2… I hate how i can't drive straight/on the road if a bot has a shotgun!

  2. I loved this when it first came out, first ps3 game i owned with call of duty 3 on the launch day of the console

  3. Is it just me or are the secondary objectives sometimes imposable in this game?  Like one race the secondary objectives were to destroy all 8 rivals and finish first with zero kills, aren't those kind of opposites?  Still a good game, not sure why he said "its just a death racer at hart though," sure it is, but how many other death racers are even out there?

  4. I wish Sega makes full auto 3 for the ps4 I still have full auto 2 for the ps3 and boy it's addicting alright alot especially with split screen too defently

  5. I have that game and no ones plays online, but I'm willing to play with anyone, here's my PSN name "BrEnTeSchofield"

  6. I think this was the first game I played on my ps3 when I got it for christmas thag year lol

  7. Own this game for ps3 as well as psp and to be honest this is more of a psp game rather than a ps3 game i dont know why but it just seems to work out well with psps and not as much with ps3s

  8. Sould be 2 player split screen, God whats up with games now days, They think people dont have real life friends its bull,
    I think in my stack of games i only have 1 game that is 2 player what the f;;k me and my mates supposed too do when we come back from a night out watch each other on the console its a load of crap, Make more 2-4 Player split screen games like in the old days, They are loads better, like golden eye, We used to have a drink and a smoke and have a right laugh on that,

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