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Goosebumps The Game: Platinum Trophy Walkthrough (PS4/1080p)


Goosebumps The Game: Platinum Trophy Walkthrough (PS4/1080p)


  1. When i wearing a hounted mask at the end, when i want to defeat slappy, he´s not answering me the right question… he start with "You´re not Stine! What do you think you´re doing here?".. and my options are "Bold" and "Tricky".. every answer is death, so i cant earn this trophy to platinum… can you help me?

  2. Spending forever at the photos bit "hmpf something wrong, restart etc" fuck sake, total dog shit, I hate it when a video game pisses all over itself, I'm waiting a full minute and its telling me Im wrong

  3. It worked flawlessly but it took time to realise you skipped photo cooling thing and dropping toy from chute. you could have been say before. guys do exactly whatever he does in the video no more no less. thats what I did

  4. For some reason when ever I go up to slappy there's no way to beat him. All he does is say you're not stine! who are you?

  5. hi, i have little problem, in 11.10 you have 2 new item istant ? because i not have that

  6. If this video is going too fast for you, remember that you can slow it down, if you press the Cog and go to speed you can slow it down there, hope this helps :).

  7. And i looked up his psn same name as his youtube, And has multiple accounts, he doesn't have platinum on this game And no trophys sync to it

  8. No guys this video gets you few trophys but he doesn't show everything on video , i got stuck in mall Couldn't pass candy shop cuz he fkn didn't show how get the coins by the fountain

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