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Help with PS3 error code?


I just updated my PS3 and when I did, I tried to sign in. But every time I would type in my sign-in ID and password it says that it was incorrect. So I clicked on “Forgot your password?” and then a screen pops up and says “An error has occurred (80023017)” What is the problem? How do I fix this?

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  1. ahhhhh that happened to me too just a few minutes ago its really starting to piss me off.sorry had to put that asa an answer i just thought u shoudl know ur not the only one

  2. that’s why google is your friend just type the error code and it should give you a link to solve your problem just found out the problem they are doing maintenance so they should probably be up tonight

    [url is not allowed]

  3. There are dozens of people asking about the error at the moment. I have the same problem too. It would appear to be an error due to the Playstation Network being shut off for maintenance. The general advise is to wait a few hours (or today) and check it later. It will be back to normal soon.

  4. HI,

    I live in Brazil and I am having the same problem today (sep, 21-2010) I don t know whats happening too!

    please, if anyone figure out whats happening, send me an email to [email is not allowed]

    tnks dude!

  5. Its really annoying. I don’t even have enough Squids to buy a HDTV (Saving up though). I don’t want to have Blu ray in 3D because you’ll probably need to shell out +£3000 for it to work reasonably well with good picture.

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