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How to play music on ps4 for free


How to play music on ps4 for free


  1. I know a better way to get free music on ps4
    Go on the internet and search up convert2mp3 go on the website you could I either search for the song you want or paste in the YouTube link, then make sure your link is on MP3 then click convert it will then take you to a button that says download click it and your music will be downloading
    Like the comment if it helped you

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  3. This is stupid and useless it used to work like this it doesn't anymore. You didnt explain to double tap to the ps4 menu and vice versa. Also you didnt play a game because the music would cut off. Sony needs to patch all that to make it work. Like PLAYSTATION 3.

  4. Or you can make a free spotify account on ps4 and then add music play it while you game and do stuff if I help out you don't have to thank see you try it it's easier 🙂

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