Home Videos mom sells sons Xbox One for $1! MUST WATCH!!!

mom sells sons Xbox One for $1! MUST WATCH!!!


mom sells sons Xbox One for ! MUST WATCH!!! For more GTA 5 videos, SUBSCRIBE!
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mom sells sons Xbox One for ! MUST WATCH!!!

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Xbox Store Spring Sale Video

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  1. "Hey guys! like this video if u r a complete savage" just right when he started the freakin video….what kind of youtuber r u?

  2. when this happen to me I gave away my xbox cause it was controlling me I played it for over 6 hours a day

  3. Know what I'll do if my dad destroyed my Xbox 360 I'll take my dad's favorite thing light it on fire and chop it like the Xbox

  4. you should add the option to be able to buy gold with the money that your Microsoft account have save.

  5. hello Xbox I want Xbox one for because any damaged I don't complain t please send Xbox one for free

  6. the only game I wanted is destiny it was 25£ now is 33£ so stupid if u gonna put sales up leave them up till 17th and dont change it

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